Stop Privatisation

Tim from Clayfield, who is now the LNP Opposition Leader Nicholls championed the privatisation agenda when he was the LNP Treasurer under Campbell Newman.

Who could foget his "Strong Choices" campaign designed to trick Queensaldners into privatsiating essential services.

It is no secret - if he gets back into Government he won't let anything stop him from privatsiting housing, education and health services.

Since I became Minister i discovered theur plan to privtaise around housing services woth around $15 Billion. That wouldve seen thosuands of people paying more and getting less, inckluding tax payers.

The only way I can stop him, is to get out and campaign against a future LNP Government and their asset sale agenda.

But i need your help> will you stand with me and stop Tim from Clayfield form privatsing your assets and services?

Join the campaign to stop Tim from Clayfield!