Coronavirus Information

Here's some links that might help you. This page will be updated regularly.


Qld Government COVID-19 Website (last updated 2nd April 2020)

Care Army link (last updated 2nd April 2020)

Community Neighbourhood Flyer (last updated 25th March 2020)

Community Recovery Fact Sheet (last updated 25th March 2020)

Border Restrictions (last updated 1st May 2020)

Worker & Industry Support Package Fact Sheet (last updated 25th March 2020)

COVID-19 Economic Relief (last updated 11th May 2020)

Health Advice (last updated 25th March 2020)

Education Qld FAQ's for Parents (last updated 11th May 2020)

Information to Support Children & Young People Fact Sheet (last updated 26th March 2020)

Qld Govt Support for Business Flyer (last updated 27th March 2020)

Non Essential Business Closure link (last updated 27th March 2020)

Payroll tax refund for Qld Businesses link (last updated 30th March 2020)

Household Utility Assistance Package Q&A Sheet (last updated 2nd April 2020)

Expanding Testing for COVID-19 Media Statement (last updated 8th April 2020)

Information for Year 12 Students Social Media Post (last updated 8th April 2020)

COVID Safe App link (last updated 29th April 2020)

Roadmap to Easing Queenslands Restrictions (last updated 11thMay 2020)

Easing Restrictions Stage 1 - Q&A (last updated 11th May 2020)

Economic Recovery Strategy Overview (last updated 20th May 2020)