Delivering a Redlands Satellite Hospital

A re-elected Palaszczuk Government will invest $265 million to deliver seven Satellite Hospitals across South East Queensland supporting a total of 768 local construction jobs.

A new Satellite Hospital is set for Redlands thanks to a $40 million commitment from the Palaszczuk Government.

This investment is an important part of our ongoing Economic Recovery Plan and will support 768 local jobs during construction.

This new and innovative program will give residents better access to health care in their local community, so they can access these services closer to home and in a more convenient setting without having to travel to a major hospital.

The Satellite Hospitals will also free up capacity at our major hospitals and help to ensure our health system continues to keep pace with growing demand.

The new facilities will operate as satellite campuses, effectively mini-hospitals servicing urban areas. They will provide a better experience for patients, and mean they can get care closer to home.

We’ve identified a large range of services that could be provided at Satellite Hospitals.

The services to be provided at each location will be tailored to the needs of the local community.

Each Satellite Hospital will be tailored to the needs of each local community and can include; ambulatory and simple day therapy services such as;

• renal dialysis,
• chemotherapy,
• complex wound management, and
• urgent care for minor injury and illness.

They can also include outpatient services and community-based health services such as;

• child and youth health services; and
• aged and frail care services.

We’ve heard the message from locals that they want more services delivered closer to home, in their local community, so they don’t have to travel to one of our major hospitals.

We’re going to determine what are the right services for each local community by working with:

• local communities
• Hospital and Health Services
• doctors, nurses and other health professionals
• health consumer groups.

This is something bold and new for Queensland, and I know that consultation will be absolutely vital.

We will also explore opportunities to partner with the primary care sector in the delivery of some services.