Ending Caged Chickens

More and more people in our community are choosing cruelty free over caged eggs. The statistics show a growing preference towards cruelty free and that suggests consumers are ready for change. I know I am! New Zealand is doing it and so is Canada. Now it is Queensland's turn!

With a review into the Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines for Poultry underway, it's time to change the fundamental way that the majority of hens are currently housed. 

For example, cages need to be banned altogether, not just "furnished" as many in the industry are suggesting as an alternative to current conditions.  These are just not good enough. Furnished cages are essentially battery cages with a little bit more space, some perches and some nesting material.  They are nowhere close to allowing hens to express their natural behaviours.

Our community is forming the view that it is now time to phase out archaic conditions, including both meat and egg production.

That's why it's great that Leigh from our community has sponsored a petition to end caged chickens.

This as an opportunity to bring Australia in line with other first world countries so I hope you can add your support.