Cheaper and cleaner energy powering more jobs

Queensland is creating jobs for a sustainable and affordable energy future to benefit Queensland communities, workers and our economy. Our investment will provide cheaper, cleaner energy to power more jobs and more industries in Queensland. We are continuing to build on Queensland's strengths to ensure a prosperous future where benefits are shared across all of the community.

The Palaszczuk Government has announced that we will invest $2 billion into a Renewable Energy and Hydrogen Jobs Fund as part of our Economic Recovery Plan.

This investment will support a transformational cycle of Queensland investment in renewable energy and manufacturing jobs by:

  • providing cheaper, cleaner energy for households and businesses;
  • making renewable hydrogen to deliver lower carbon energy and free up gas as an industrial input for manufacturing;
  • supercharging our resources sector, by requiring the local manufacturing of renewable components using local Queensland cobalt, copper, nickel, vanadium, bauxite and alumina needed for batteries, electric vehicles, solar panels and wind turbines.

This investment puts your publicly owned energy companies front and centre in making sure our State becomes a renewable energy export and manufacturing jobs superpower.

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Queensland Energy Plan