As more families move to our beautiful region and call the Southern Redlands home, it is important that we look to the future and identify opportunities to deliver first-class educational facilities to support this growth.

Ensuring appropriate planning for future schools is critical to the ongoing improvements of our community, as well as ensuring local families have genuine choice in terms of their options for their children’s education, within appropriate boundaries.



The Southern Redlands Future Schools Community Working Group will bring together key stakeholders to analyse population trends, local school capacities, utilisation rates, catchment areas etc, to ensure the community is effectively engaged in the planning and delivery of future schools in our community.

The Working Group will:

  • Establish the current enrolment arrangements for Southern Redland families
  • Identify the forecast needs of the community
  • Consider whether the needs of the community are adequately met by existing arrangements
  • Receive advice about population trends
  • Consider other factors impacting on the community including travel, transport & employment, including impacts on decisions of families
  • Consider the infrastructure needs associated to the delivery of schools
  • Identify emerging trends in other jurisdictions that may benefit Queenslanders.
  • Consider the findings of the Qld Schools Planning Reference Committee (QSPRC

The Working Group is time-limited and will operate at least until population growth in the region slows.



The Working Group is chaired by the State Member for Springwood and Co-Chaired by the State Member for Redlands.

Membership of the Working Group is at the invitation of the Chair. Members are invited based on their knowledge, experience, and representation of the local community and relevant stakeholders.

Members will be comprised of representatives of the following organisations:

  • Mount Cotton and Redland Bay State Schools P&Cs
  • Redland City Council
  • Queensland Teachers Union
  • Property developers for Shoreline (Lendlease)
  • Griffith University – School of Education & Professional Studies
  • The working group may ask other representatives to attend as guest contributors (eg. Department of Education)


Roles & Responsibilities

Members are to meet to consider the processes, policies and forecasts for future schools in the southern Redlands.

Members may be requested to review and provide feedback or advice about information circulated on an ad-hoc basis where timeliness is critical.



An agenda and discussion topics will be provided ahead of the meeting where possible.

As the working group is not a decision-making body, meetings will be semi-formal with a structured agenda to ensure best use of the meeting time.

Discussions will adopt an interactive, problem-solving approach that will be facilitated by the Chair.

Members are to conduct themselves during meetings in a manner that ensures all members are respectfully provided fair and equitable opportunities for their perspectives to be heard and considered.

The office of the Chair will provide the Secretariat and will circulate meeting papers by email to all members with as much advance time as is possible.

The Secretariat will record the key elements of the discussion and actions arising from each meeting.

Meetings will be held by videoconference unless otherwise advised.



The Working Group may have access to information that is commercial in confidence or sensitive.

Information shared with the Working Group should be considered confidential unless otherwise stated by the Chair.


Financial Support

Membership of the Working Group is on a voluntary basis and meeting fees are not provided.



The terms of reference may be reviewed by the Chair from time to time to ensure it operates effectively and achieves the desired outcomes of the group.