Daniel Rautio - Charity Run

Daniel recently started fundraising with the goal to raise $1 000 for Headspace, Daniel’s charity of choice.

Daniel is currently pounding the footpaths and roads in our local area as he trains in preparation to run in the Brisbane to Bridge to raise awareness of the benefits exercise has for those  suffering from poor mental health.

"Support and solutions can't be over-simplified but my experiencing managing bipolar highlights the importance of exercise. It's accessible, it's free and it's empowering. I've recently starting running and apart from having fun (no, really), I use it to help manage bipolar and reduce the likelihood of risk taking behaviour. I'm not always successful and I know running won't fix everything but my exercise routine helps make room for helpful thoughts. A better headspace, even,’’ Daniel said.

He is currently halfway to reaching his goal of $1 000 and he believes by harnessing the Springwood community to assist him he will be able to reach his goal.

As a local community member, Daniel wants to create a better place for his neighbours to live in and is particularly concerned about the effect that drugs and untreated mental-health issues can have on a community.

If you wish to stand by Daniel, and support his mission, visit his fundraising page at: