Mikaela Gonzalez - Rising Musician

Mikaela Gonzalez, a rising musical talent, has been invited to showcase her skills in the Logan Youth Music Exchange (LYME).

The LYME group is going on tour to Japan for 10 days to play music, make friends and develop the core skills of professional musicians.

Mikaela is passionate about her music, and believes that the tour will be a brilliant addition to her musical development. 

Mikaela, just in Year 8, can play three instruments and is currently learning her fourth, sings, and is part of six different musical bands including the Brisbane Regional Youth Orchestra (BRYO).

The Logan Youth Music Exchange is Council supported, but not funded. Knowing the kind and generous nature of the people in Springwood the Gonzalez family are crowd-funding, and seeking new ways to fundraise to ease the burden of an international trip; to ensure that their daughter, Mikaela, can achieve at her highest potential.

To help support Mikaela, one of our local stars, through this journey please visit her Go-Fund-Me page at: