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Acquired land officially added to Daisy Hill Conservation Park

  • An additional 213 hectares of land has been officially added to Daisy Hill Conservation Park, one of the most important protected areas for koala habitat in Southeast Queensland.
  • The Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service is now working to install new signage, fences and fire trails.

Two hundred and thirteen hectares of land acquired by the Miles Government in February has officially been added to the much-loved Daisy Hill Conservation Park on Brisbane’s southside.

The additional land was purchased from a private landholder and now forms a valuable link of pristine bushland between Daisy Hill Conservation Park and Venman Bushland National Park.

The Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service is now working to install new fences, fire trails and signage, as well as clearing weeds and removing old infrastructure to make way for visitors.

Members of the public will be able to access the land from early next year once work is finalised to conserve the environmental values of the area and ensure visitor safety.

Located in Brisbane’s southern suburbs, the Daisy Hill Conservation Park contains significant habitat for koalas and other wildlife.

It is also home to the Daisy Hill Koala Centre, a dedicated koala education facility that opened in 1995 and was extensively refurbished in 2018.

The conservation park is part of the overall Daisy Hill Koala Bushland Area, comprising some 1,500 ha of protected reserves and habitats, and variously managed by the Queensland Government, the Logan City Council, and Redland City Council. 

The Daisy Hill Conservation Park remains one of Brisbane’s most loved and well patronised urban green spaces with extensive trail networks and barbecue and picnic facilities, and catering for a variety of recreational activities including horse riding, mountain biking and bush walking. 

Quotes attributable to the Minister for the Environment and the Great Barrier Reef, Leanne Linard:

“Only the Miles Government has a track record of protecting, conserving and expanding areas of high environmental value across the state, and our acquisition and dedication of this 213-hectare parcel of land as part of the Daisy Hill Conservation Park further demonstrates that record.

“While much of our protected area expansion occurs in rural and regional areas, it is also very important that we increase urban protected areas where we can.

“These green spaces serve as vital refuges for biodiversity, offering habitats for various species amidst the urban environment. They are also crucial for environmental sustainability, enhancing public health, and improving our overall quality of life in cities.

“Protecting areas as national parks or, in this case, conservation parks is crucial in ensuring the future of Queensland’s unique ecosystems and biodiversity.

“The Miles Government will continue to grow our protected areas in line with Queensland’s Protected Area Strategy 2020-2030 and thanks to our historic $262.5 million budget commitment.

“The credit for this fantastic outcome belongs to hardworking local member, Mick de Brenni, who advocated strongly on behalf of his community for the purchase of this land so it can be protected for future generations.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Energy and Clean Economy Jobs and Member for Springwood, Mick de Brenni:

“I have mountain biked, walked, and had picnics here all my life, and more recently helped in bushcare activities at Daisy Hill Conservation Park, so I know how important this is to the entire community. 

“It is a rare thing to see such huge increases to protected areas in urban environments like Springwood, so this will be a massive relief to local residents, and the conservationists who have protected Daisy Hill and Venmans bushland for so long.

“I want to thank the new Premier Steven Miles for backing this initiative for so many years, from concept, to now putting this high value bushland back in the hands of the people to be protected forever.”

Further information:

Video and images of the land acquired are available here.

The Daisy Hill Koala Bushland Area, comprising some 1,500ha of protected reserves and habitats, continues to grow in popularity, attracting up to 400,000 visitors each year and 65,000-plus visitors to the Daisy Hill Koala Centre. (Source: Daisy Hill Koala Bushland Directions Paper.)

The Queensland Government is continuing its work to improve the management, use and enjoyment of the Daisy Hill Koala Bushland area, as outlined in the ten-year Daisy Hill Koala Bushland Directions Paper.

Almost 14.9 million hectares across Queensland are now protected under the Nature Conservation Act 1992 in various forms. That’s an area more than twice the size of Tasmania.

Information on the Daisy Hill Conservation Park is available here.

Information on the Daisy Hill Koala Centre is available here.