Small and Medium businesses benefit big thanks to nation-leading procurement approach

Small and Medium businesses benefit big thanks to nation-leading procurement approach Main Image

28 November 2023

Small and medium businesses have benefited big under the Palaszczuk Government’s nation-leading procurement approach, with yearly procurement data released today highlighting the government’s local spend.

Thanks to the Buy Queensland approach, almost $7 billion was injected into Queensland- based small and medium businesses this financial year – an uplift of almost $1 billion from last year.

The figures come as the Minister for Procurement today tabled the Queensland Government Procurement Statement 2023 in State Parliament.

The Statement revealed that over the last financial year, the Palaszczuk Government’s procurement investment totalled $23.4b, spread among 47,880 suppliers – 38,600 of them Queensland registered businesses.

The report highlighted that the Buy Queensland approach will underpin the Q2023 Procurement Strategy for the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games, and a new procurement platform will go live next year to streamline doing business with the Palaszczuk Government.

The Future Procurement System will be a single-point supplier portal and tendering platform that will cut the time and cost involved in tendering for government contracts.

Quotes attributable to Minister Mick de Brenni:
“This Statement shows the Palaszczuk Government is committed to the highest standards when it comes to managing tax payer resources, and our nation-leading approach to procurement is working to back good quality local jobs, small and regional businesses, and trainees and apprentices.

“We will ensure local companies and the hardworking Queenslanders behind them can contribute meaningfully to our state’s prosperity now and into the future.

“We are working to drive greater value for Queenslanders, from every one of the $23 billion procurement dollars invested on their behalf going to businesses we know deliver quality products and services, sourced ethically and sustainably.”

Quotes attributable to Minister for Employment and Small Business, Di Farmer:
“Of the Palaszczuk Government’s more than $6 billion dollars injected into Queensland based small and medium businesses this financial year, which is nearly $1 billion more than last year, 85 per cent of the businesses were small businesses.

“On top of this there are huge opportunities on the horizon for Queensland small businesses, particularly in the lead up to the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games and sharing in $180 billion in government procurement under our recently launched Q2032 Procurement Strategy.

The Palaszczuk Government champions local small businesses.

“Our track record of enabling Queensland small business participation in procurement is second to none.”

Quotes attributable to Heidi Cooper – CEO Business Chamber Queensland:
“Queensland businesses are at the heart of our local communities, driving economic prosperity and job creation right across the state.  

“It’s critical they are given every opportunity to benefit from the Queensland Government’s increasing investment in procurement as we head toward 2032 and beyond.   

“Increased procurement spend with Queensland’s small and medium businesses is welcome as any investment with the state’s businesses means they can continue investing directly in their operations and workforce, now and in the future.  

“This is especially important as we prepare to showcase our state on the world stage in the lead up to the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games, but equally important to that preparation is the positive economic legacy the Games can deliver.  

“This can be achieved by ensuring all Queensland businesses, right along the supply chain and wherever they are in the state, can be part of the growth opportunity through procurement.  

“The Q2032 procurement strategy provides a road map for how businesses right across the state can be involved and maximise the Olympics legacy. 

“We know sustainable, digital and partnered businesses will be at the forefront of this opportunity and it’s welcome to see this reflected in the Q2032 strategy.  

“Equally welcome is a commitment to a level playing field, local businesses and those businesses with clear ESG principles. 

“Events like the Games are a catalyst for businesses to accelerate these practices.  

“Early, clear and simplified details of how businesses can maximize and be competitive for procurement opportunities can help secure this positive legacy.” 

Quotes attributable to Juliette Murphy - Floodmapp:
FloodMapp CEO and co-founder Juliette Murphy said FloodMapp is proud to be working with the Queensland Government to provide live flood intelligence coming into the severe weather season. FloodMapp was the winner of the Delivering for Queensland category in the 2022 Buy Queensland Supplier Awards.

“As a local medium enterprise we’re very happy that the Queensland Government’s Buy Queensland approach encourages local business and makes it much easier for us to work with government.

“Apart from the recognition that working with the government brings, it has also allowed us to expand our business and build a trusted brand in the US where we are working with the Federal Emergency Management Agency

“We are one of the many small and medium-sized enterprises that have benefitted from the Buy Queensland approach and because of the support of the Queensland Government and its procurement policy we’ve been able to employ talented staff who have developed leading edge technology right here in Queensland.

“It’s placed us at the forefront of live flood intelligence technology to improve public safety.

“We are very proud to be partnering with the Queensland Government to help build resilient communities and reduce the impact of flooding.

“Our live flood maps support the Queensland Government to prepare, respond and recover during flood emergencies in real time – which helps Queenslanders in the moments that matter.

“We’ve proudly partnered with the Queensland Government for the past three wet seasons and we’re honoured to continue to serve the agency and our communities.

“We’ve developed software that can predict flooding as well as show the current situation and even post flooding show what was affected.

“During the devastating flood events of 2022, this kind of intelligence enabled powerful analytics and informed decision making for activities including targeted evacuations, swift water rescue, and targeted distribution of resources.”

Quotes attributable to Phil Ahmat- CEO MuraConnect:
Working with the Queensland Government has allowed Indigenous IT recruitment firm MuraConnect to double its fulltime staff in the past 12 months.

MuraConnect specialises in technology and digital solutions, people and cultural transformations, and increased understanding and relationships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and Australian businesses.

CEO Phil Ahmat said the company had been boosted by being on government panels and it was able to do that because of the procurement policy and the Buy Queensland approach.

“In the past year we have gone from working with four government departments to 15,” he said.

“It’s increased our revenue by 300 per cent and allowed us to hire more experienced staff, as well as take on entry level people.

“Our fulltime staff has increased from four to eight.

“Through government having a policy that sets targets for procurement with local SMEs, it gives us a head start and encourages businesses like us to get on board.

“It’s terrific to see that more and more of the procurement investment is flowing to small-to-medium enterprises like ours.”

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