Help for Households

The Miles Government is leading the nation by delivering more cost of living measures to Queenslanders when they need it most. 


Taking $1000 Off every Queensland household's power bill (from 1st July - with an additional $300 off from the Albanese Government), with seniors getting an additional $372 if they've applied for the Seniors Rebate. 

  • From 1st July, $1000 will be automatically credited as a lump-sum to eligible residential customer electricity bills - there is no need to apply. 
  • Please note - exact timing will depend on individual billing cycles. 
  • To be eligible, residential customers must have an electricity account with their electricity retailer or embedded network provider on 1st July 2024 and be separately metered and charged for their own electricity consumption. 
  • For further information visit$1000-off-your-energy-bills 
  • Seniors, Pensioner and concession card holders could get even more, through the Queensland Electricity Rebate.  To find out more about the Electricity and gas rebates for Seniors, Pensioner and Concession Card holders visit 


Slashing all public transport fares to 50 cents (from 5th August)

  • From Monday 5th August for six months, public transport will be reduced to a 50 cent flat rate across all zones and modes on the Translink network across Queensland.
  • This includes all regional urban buses, and bus, train, ferry, tram and on demand services in South East Queensland.
  • For further information visit 


Reducing registration by 20% (to appear on registration notices from 5th August)

  • From 16th September, registration fees for light vehicles, including trailers, will be decreased by 20% for one year, to assist with easing the cost-of-living pressures for Queenslanders. 
  • Please note - reduced amounts will start appearing on vehicle registration notices from 5th August. 
  • For further information visit 


Giving $200 FairPlay vouchers to 200,000 Queensland families, to help with the cost of kids' sports


Click on the link below to use the concession finder tool to see what else you might be eligible for, to tackle cost of living pressures:  


In addition to our cost-of-living relief, we've been working with the Albanese Government to lower household bills and fight inflation to reduce interest rates. 

From 1st July, the Albanese Government has:

  • Delivered tax cuts for every Queenslander - giving you more in your paycheck
  • Taking $300 more off every Queenslanders' power bill, bringing the total rebates to $1,300 ($1,672 for seniors/concession card holders)
  • Pay rises for low wage workers
  • Freezing PBS medicine costs
  • Introducing two additional weeks paid parental leave
  • Reducing student HECS debt (the average student will have their debt cut by $1,200)


Together, Queenslanders will receive the biggest package of household support in Australia's history, while putting pressure on the banks to lower interest rates to reduce rents and mortgages.