Putting Queensland Kids First: Giving our Kids the Opportunity of a lifetime

Putting Queensland Kids First: Giving our Kids the Opportunity of a lifetime Main Image

We all know that early childhood experiences have a significant influence on a young person's life trajectory, which is why the early years are a key opportunity for preventative and early intervention support. 

Putting Queensland Kids First is about setting young Queenslanders on a positive and healthy pathway through education, skills and employment. 

Key components of the proposed package include:

  1. Wellbeing from conception and the earliest years of life - ensuring children are born healthy, raised strong in their families and are supported to meet development milestones so they have the right foundations for lifelong wellbeing.
  2. Supporting families and strengthening communities - strengthening families and communities and responding to the needs of parents, caregivers and kin, to create the best conditions for children and young people's health and wellbeing. 
  3. Identifying and responding to needs for healthy development and positive life courses - supporting young Queenslanders' healthy development through the earliest possible access to appropriate needs identification and targeted interventions
  4. Supporting confident transitions into learning, education and training - encouraging confident transitions from home to early childhood settings, to school and across key phases of learning to set strong foundations for future learning and pathways
  5. Partnering for integrated, place-based, and First Nations-led delivery - building collaborative partnerships with non-government organisations and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community-controlled organisations to address local needs.

I'm really keen for our neighbourhood to have a say on this, so if you're interested in a better for all Queenslanders, a better start for local kids, click on the link below:


Consultation is open until Wednesday 21st February 2024. 

Greater detail is outlined in the Putting Queensland Kids First Consultation Draft